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Logging Company

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Greg Hooper Logging specializes in logging hardwood and pine of all sizes and grades. Greg offers advice geared to providing future generations with an abundance of timber and wildlife. We strive to provide clean up services that are unmatched. We keep streams free of treetops and return roads and loading areas to a smooth condition, sometimes even better than before we arrived. Greg Hooper Logging implements Best Management Practices and ensures Streamside Management Zones are followed to industry regulations. We know clean water should not be a concern after we leave.  We even go the extra step to build temporary bridges to cross streams and remove when finished. Greg Hooper Logging treats our customer’s land in the same manner as Greg does on his own timberland management practices. He harvests timber in such a manner to preserve the young timber for future generations to enjoy the forest for its recreational value. We at Greg Hooper Logging feel that we haven’t performed well until the landowner is completely satisfied. You can rest assured knowing that you have chosen a local family owned logging company who will be honest with you from the beginning process to the end. We stand by our integrity.

Hooper Logging Company
This photo was taken in Toone in Hardeman County where Greg Hooper was raised and lived for years. You will notice the town sign on the building. Those are family members from early 1900’s. This is where the business started and Greg’s family members own and run sawmills there to this day.

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Let Greg’s knowledge of the timber industry help bring you maximum profits from your timber.

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