Forest Management

Forest Management

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The professional group at Greg Hooper Logging has been specializing in using environmentally sensitive techniques in timber harvesting and management. We proudly serve landowners and mills alike. We have the resources and experience needed to harvest and manage from small to the largest tracts properly. Because we have kept long-standing relationships with many landowners in our area, we are able to take on any project with efficiency, accuracy, and professionalism.

Let Greg Hooping Logging be your source for environmentally-friendly timber harvesting and management. We assemble the best process for each harvesting job to the highest standards of efficiency and environmental stewardship. We know how important healthy forests are to the future of our business. We are pleased to do our part with each timber stand in minimizing our ecological impact.


Timber Mats Used in Soft Ground Conditions
Timber Mats to Prevent Ground Compaction

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